I am a landscape architectural designer and artist working on brewing the shifts necessary to growing awake to, and active within, our current ecological moment. My work is disciplinarily promiscuous; at its core is a commitment to researching, imagining, and enacting new forms of ecological being-hood.

I am 1/2 of the design studio NOCTURNAL MEDICINE.   <-- Find our projects here

Current inquiries:

Decolonizing interplanetary exploration
Design and action for societal/individual emotional challenges in relation to climate and environmental change
Investigating, embracing, and designing for ambiguous, novel, and unloved ecologies
Love and justice

 collection of works, thoughts, and bits below 

Allopoiesis/Autopoiesis   An Antidote to Loneliness   An Antidote to Loneliness Remix 1: Techno-Spirited Design for Infrastructure   Brownfield Vespers   Creature Circle   (investigation into) Decolonization and Extra-Terrestrial Land   The Guesthouse   Landscape Architecture as BioArt   Luxury Void . Net   The Meadowlands Party   Meditation for Martian Intimacy   Moods of the Urban Plastisphere   The Terrestrial Analog   Wasted  

Love is made in the dark, often as not.
-Rebecca Solnit