Creature Circle
Cambridge, MA; Reproducible in many geographies

in collaboration with Althea Northcross

Creature Circle is a conversation space dedicated to exploring and sharing our experiences of being participants in today’s ecology. Each circle operates according to a framework co-developed with my collaborator, Althea Northcross, and which aims to create a thread of co-ownership that binds each individual meeting and the larger set of conversations.

Creature Circle’s format is reproducible across groups.

The project draws on principles of circle work as developed by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linea and articulated in their project The Circle Way. The project received developmental guidance from circle worker Suzanne Konzet, whom I met serendipitously on an airplane.

The text reads:

Creature Circle is a space for exploring and sharing the experience of being a participant in today’s ecology.

Often our conversations offer us space to explore our lived experiences and emotions as they relate to our intimate human relationships. It is not as common to explore our feelings around living in a world where such things as extinction, pollution, and large and small environmental changes are a constant buzz in the background, and even our choice as to how much to care is a fraught and complex one.

Our intention is to create an open-format circle where we explore our experiences, ideas, and fears of being a human in our present ecological moment. Through moderated conversation, we will explore one topic each session, chosen by a different participant. Our aim is to create room for companionship, expression, and compassion for ourselves and our fellow humans as we live each day together