Landscape Architecture as BioArt
presented at University of Kentucky

An invited lecture and workshop on behalf of the University of Kentucky Biology Department for the students of the seminar Introduction to BioArt, co-taught by bioart pioneer Joe Davis and biologist Dr. Ashley Seifert.

Within the class, we explored landscape architecture’s role as a projector of human imagination and desires into our surrounding environments, and together investigated how landscape architecture fits within the conceptual frameworks of bioart being constructed throughout the semester.

The lecture was paired with a lab based on the practice of atomic gardening -- the deliberate exposure of plants to atomic radiation with the aims of creating new and fantastic mutants. The students selected plant species for exposure in the University’s radiation facilities, then planted and cultivated them, with the aim to investigate the types of mutations that manifested.

Muriel Howarth and an irradiated peanut plant. Howarth was the founder of the Atomic Gardening Society in 1959 England.