Moods of the Urban Plastisphere
Plastic Beach, New York City, US

in collaboration with Michelle Shofet

. . . We unveiled a diverse microbial community of heterotrophs, autotrophs, predators, and symbionts, a community we refer to as the

Zettler, Erik R., Tracy J. Mincer, and Linda A. Amaral-Zettler. Life in the “Plastisphere: Microbial Communities on Plastic Marine Debris.
Environmental Science & Technology 47 (2013): 7137-146.

Moods of the Urban Plastisphere takes its cue from the discovery in marine biology of the plastisphere -- an entire microbial ecosystem thriving on the plastic discarded in our oceans.

This speculative design proposal imagines a future 
Through the treatment of trash as resource, a city is constructed out of both material harvested from the waves of Coney Island and the discarded material produced by New York City. The new urban plastisphere blooms out of a material ecology supported by the city’s architecture, public spaces of exchange, and material accumulation and storage infrastructure.