The Guesthouse
Competition entry for Eleven Magazine’s ‘Moontopia’

in collaboration with Clementine Jang

. . . At the core of the project is an open question -- in what ways can the Moon change us, open us, and reveal new thoughts and truths?

In response to a brief looking for a lunar colony, The Guesthouse is born. The only human construction allowed on the moon by global accord, here one guest at a time is transported for a 14-day stay. During this time, the guest is the only human presence on the moon, given the gift of unearthly solitude and the space for communion with this foreign geology.

Instead of continuing to enact colonialist paradigms, the Guesthouse presents an option for outer space exploration grounded in respect and care. The Guesthouse does not deny our impulse to explore. Instead, it presents a way that we may interact with the Moon that honors the Moon’s inherent dignity, and that centers how the Moon may act on us rather than how we may act on the Moon.

The proposal included both a design of the structure itself and of the rituals of maintenance required to upkeep both structure and self during the 14 days.